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We take an order as being made when payment is received by us. If you 'buy' some plants and enter your contact details on the website, and then decide you do not wish to proceed with your purchase, then we do not regard this as a binding order. We may contact you to check whether you wish to place an order or not, for example if there may have been some technical reason why you could not make a payment.


We consider that the plants we supply are of the highest quality, although there may be some minor variations between batches.Please notify us of any complaints within 7 days of receipt of the plants.

Returns and Refunds

If there is nothing wrong with your plants and you wish to return them, you are welcome to return your plants in good condition for a refund of the cost of the plants minus what it cost us to send them to you.

If the plants are not as described, then we will send the correct plants or refund your payment. We may ask you to return the original incorrect plants at our expense.

Please see also our returns and refunds policy.

Delivery charges

The prices published on the website include delivery to UK addresses, including Northern Ireland, the Scottish islands and the Isle of Man, but excluding the Channel Islands.The delivery charges to a number of Western European countries (eg France, Southern Ireland, Italy, Spain) are automatically calculated when the delivery country is selected on the website.


We generally despatch plants which are in stock within 3 working days of payment. We usually have stocks of all the plants listed on the website, except for the root balled plants. If a plant is out of stock, we can usually supply it within 2 weeks.

You are welcome to collect plants from the nursery by pre-arrangement. We will deduct what would have been the cost of sending the plants to you from the purchase price.

When placing an order, you are welcome to ask for delivery at some future date. We will endeavour to meet this delivery date, but cannot absolutely guarantee to do so. If a late delivery could be a problem for you, it may be worth asking for delivery a day or two before you need the plants, to allow for any unforeseen delays.

We do sometimes suspend deliveries for a week or two due to holidays, in which case this is shown on each page of the website.


Payment can be by credit/debit card via the website or 01502 578598 or 07813 894146; by paypal to; by cheque or postal order in pounds sterling to Boxtrees Nursery Ltd, Reydon Grange, Mardle Road, Wangford, Beccles NR34 8AU; by bank transfer (please ask for account details); or by cash in pounds sterling.


Our prices include VAT, at the current rate, and delivery to UK addresses. We reserve the right to change our prices at any time.

Plant descriptions

The plant descriptions on the website are as accurate as possible. The photographs are of typical plants of the type offered for sale. There are some, relatively minor, variations between batches of plants.


Please address any complaints by email to, by telephone to 01502 578598, or by post to Boxtrees Nursery Ltd, Reydon Grange, Mardle Road, Wangford, Beccles NR34 8AU.


You are welcome to cancel your order for any reason, provided we have not bought in plants to supply your order which cannot be sensibly added to our stock. If we have despatched the plants, then we would ask you to pay the cost of delivering the plants to you, and to return the plants in good condition.


The images and text in the website ( is copyright Boxtrees Nursery Ltd. You are welcome to make copies for your own personal and private use, but not for publication or for commercial purposes, without specific permission from us.


We reserve the right to make changes to the website at any time and for any reason.


We do not make our customers' contact details available to any third party.

Please see also our privacy policy.

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